Cerere unban ARMAGEDDON
IP :[b][/b]
Steam ID : 
Adminul care v-a banat :  [email protected]
Data , ora , harta :  fy-snow, 17.mai , 14:38
Dovezi ( se accepta print la consola / snapshot) :

o_Dai_Cu_Biscuite killed [email protected] with glock18
| Original player| is joining the Terrorist force
pinkz19 killed Prada with m4a1
Time Remaining:  23:54
The server operator has added you to banned list permanently
Added to banned list permanently
Connecting to
You have been banned from this



[b]Mai doresti sa spui ceva? :? deci in timp ce faceam wg el mi-a dat ban. sa-si expuna si el motivul sau ceea ce l-a determinat sa faca asta inainte de a vedea wg[/b]
Vei primi unban !

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